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About Smithville Chiropractic Clinic

Smithville Chiropractic Clinic has happily been providing chiropractic care to Smithville and the surrounding areas since 1992.

Small Town, Big Hearts

Your Smithville Chiropractic Team!

Your Smithville Chiropractic Team!

“We chose this town so that the lovely people of Smithville can truly benefit from chiropractic care,” says Dr. Hominuk.

“We love how Smithville is a small, family-oriented town. We find that a lot of people in our community enjoy a healthy and natural lifestyle. Many understand how chiropractic care can help relieve health conditions naturally and are very open-minded about our care. And, we hope that soon everyone in Smithville will feel the same.”

Our Goals For a Brighter Community

Gentle Care. Our aim is to provide holistic chiropractic care to people in need. We provide chiropractic care to relieve you from pain and massage therapy to help you heal more. We understand what you’re going through and know how important it is to help you find relief immediately. This is the reason why we offer to adjust you on your first visit, depending upon your condition.

On-going Education. We’ll explain the basics of chiropractic care, the causes of your pain, and the ways you can live a healthy lifestyle. We believe this ensures complete wellness so you can remain health-conscious and active throughout your life.

“We’ll also help you improve your posture and nutrition to ensure long-term health and wellbeing. We even have interactive sessions to discuss what your condition is and how we’ll use adjustments to relieve your pain,” says Dr. Gonchar.

Making Your Life Easier, Healthier and Happier

“We strive to make your life healthy and active, worry-free and feel-good,” says Dr. Gonchar. We love seeing patients go from ‘I’m in pain’ to ‘I feel so healthy and active!’”

We often help patients with the following conditions:

  • Early Development: Newborn spine health and infant bed-wetting issues
  • Teenagers: Growing pains and healthy spines
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work-Related Injuries

Are you in pain? Don’t wait for an appointment. We provide easy scheduling and same day adjustments. Give us a call so we can get started. (905) 957-1711