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Smithville Chiropractor | Dr. David Hominuk

Whiplash Was a Blessing

Smithville Chiropractor, Dr. David Hominuk

Dr. David Hominuk

There are two different situations that have played an important role in shaping Dr. Hominuk’s career as a chiropractor. “First when I was a kid, I suffered from whiplash while swimming. I was in a lot of pain and had a limited range of motion, so my father took me to a chiropractor. I got immediate results and was thrilled. At such a young age I was really excited but I didn’t quite understand exactly why it worked until later…”

“Then, at the age of 13, I attended the chiropractic graduation ceremony of Dr. Grant (my second cousin). And wow! That’s when I experienced how chiropractic helps treat people in the most natural, and gentle way. I was so intrigued.”

It was that moment that Dr. Hominuk knew he was meant to be a chiropractor.

My New York Education

“Before I knew it, I completed my chiropractic studies from New York Chiropractic College in 2007. The biggest surprise of my chiropractic education was the rigorous schedule and how much I took away from my experience there.”

“Chiropractic care provides the most gentle healthcare in a completely natural way without the use of drugs and surgeries. You can’t beat that!” This type of healing fascinated Dr. Hominuk because chiropractic care not only helped him growing up, but also all of those around him.

“In school, I used to play college hockey. I played in the NCAA Division 1 hockey at Niagara University. I was the captain for my last two years and we went to the national tournament in my senior year. I received chiropractic care throughout my college days to maintain my health. Chiropractic helped me remain active and improved my flexibility and performance on the ice.”

Here to Help Create Wellness for Smithville

“The most difficult part of being a chiropractor is creating awareness and informing our community of the possibilities of natural healing. What I found is that a lot of the people don’t know about chiropractic care. So, they aren’t aware of how it helps give them better life without surgeries or medication.”

“This is a very challenging task, and each day I hope to inspire more and more people.”

Healthy and Active Family

“I’ve been married since 2007. When I’m not practicing, I dedicate my time to my wife and daughter. We love outdoor activities like skating, skiing and bike riding. We’re also avid travelers that follow an active lifestyle.”

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