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Smithville Chiropractor | Dr. Grant Gonchar

Helping People Live Better Lives With a Touch of the Hand

Smithville Chiropractor, Dr. Grant Gonchar

Dr. Grant Gonchar

“Everyone in my family had a firm belief in chiropractic when I was growing up. So, I witnessed the many benefits of natural, holistic care from a very small age.” The chiropractor that Dr. Gonchar’s family would see had a very captivating personality and joy from his work. “I saw him create a comfortable experience for me and my family, we always looked forward to going back.”

This positive experience was contagious and it led Dr. Gonchar towards becoming a chiropractor, striving to create the same environment for his patients when they visit.

My Education Unraveled an Incredible Passion

Dr. Gonchar graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. “The best part about my education at Palmer was realizing the benefits of chiropractic. I was amazed by the number of ways in which chiropractic could be beneficial to people. I thoroughly enjoyed my life at Palmer and left there passionate about chiropractic care and ready to help,” says Dr. Grant.

Dr. Gonchar is very passionate about showing people the benefits of chiropractic care. “I know how beneficial chiropractic care is and spreading awareness of chiropractic care and how it works is a complex task. A task that I’m up for.”

“I love the way people allow us to be a part of their lives.”

“The fact that I can help people every day is what makes chiropractic care so inspiring. I love being a positive part of people’s lives and I can’t wait to see the transformation in yours.”

Dr. Gonchar gets very excited when he watches you become healthier and active again. “Helping patients in their time of need is so touching. Especially when they leave smiling.”

An Active Lifestyle and Happy Family

“I love to spend my time with my family when I’m not practicing. We follow a healthy and active lifestyle. We love to go skiing in winters and bicycling in the summers.”